Learn to Play Go, Volume IV: Battle Strategies Learn to Play Go, Volume IV: Battle Strategies
This is the fourth book in a series of introductory go books. has two parts. The first part is a discussion of middle game strategies and tactics. Thus, it tells you about invading and reducing (and how to think about when to do which), various strategies that you should keep in mind, attacking tactics, and defensive tactics. So after reading this, you'll have an idea of what to think about in the middle game. (You probably still be totally flummoxed by actual middle games that you play, but that's just the way that the middle game works; I'm an AGA 2kyu, and I'm still quite confused as to what I should be doing.) The second part is a discussion of life and death (with the odd tesuji thrown in, as well as a discussion of ko fighting). It doesn't talk too much about specific positions (you don't even see things like "eight live, six die" here), but rather gives principles of broader applicability, like throw-ins, blocking outside liberties first, etc. The stuff in this part is much easier to master than the stuff in the previous part. The book ends with some exercises.
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